THE STORM was a prequel for the Lara-Su Chronicles and serves as the bridge between Sonic The Hedgehog #144 and his latest vanity project. It was stated that Remington and Geoffrey St. John were the starring characters. Ken credits himself as both the creator and writer.

A teaser of page 1 had been released by Ken Penders, which was the page 1 of the story. It featured Geofrey St. John in Ken's usual amateur style and a brown coloured dog named "Brownie". Although Ken is credited for the page, some of the images within the page are from other sources, which were not mentioned. One particular image was a image of a weather chart which was from NASA, under the justification that Ken is a tax-paying citizen of America. Another image of note was the image of Knuckles, taken from one of the Sonic MyXL images, and is seen in his classical form, which IS STILL Knuckles.

Trivia Edit

  • After all this time, Ken Penders has decided to make the story into the app itself, just like his first Lara-Su Chronicles chapter.