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This Wiki is about the Lara-Su Chronicles, the future magnum opus of "world-famous" comics scribe and dangerously insane person Ken "The Flim Flam" Penders, our führer, catalyst of the Pendercaust and the subsequent K-P Extinction, and leader of the great 2014 Pendering, that anyone should edit. 

A Brief History of the LSC WikiEdit

Since its foundation in 20XX by a team of E'c'h'y'd'i'n'a specialists, the LSC wiki has been dedicated to bringing you entirely true and honest facts about Ken "Chicken Tenders" Penders' future award-winning graphic novel and the magical, inventive, entirely non-Sonic-based world therein. In the decades since, LSC Wiki has given only the hardest facts, the most straight-faced knowledge, and the most in-depth coverage of America's favorite alien-animal-space-opera-soap-opera-drama-comedy-action series.

General Site ConductEdit

The LSC Wiki is fashioned after the conduct of our sometimes-mustached object of adoration, and as such there are some general guidelines to keep in mind as one edits the wiki.

  • LSC offers only the most true and honest information. However, in the case that there is no information to offer, offering whatever information enters into one's mind is the most sensible and Pendersesque thing to do. Remember, if anyone knows what Ken "Lawsuit Pending" Penders is capable of, it's his fans.
  • Any reference to the tyrannical reign of SEGA, Archie, or Sonic the Hedgehog (with the exception of The Chosen One ) is to be replaced with a [DENIAL] so as not to sully the memory of the great Ken "The Master of Disaster" Penders with such painful things as "facts" or "logic."
  • Any attempt to revise articles under the assumption that they are "too sarcastic" is as insulting as it is inflammatory, and shall be revised to the previous version of the article in the name of not letting "The Man" bring down Ken "Big Sexy" Penders once again. He is bursting at his jeans with creativity, but simply not enough to actually come up with new characters, so as to not alienate his potential fanbase.

Breaking LSC NewsEdit

(10/14/20XX) EXTREE: Ken "Daddy DILF" Penders has been sneaking previews of the Lara-Su Chronicles on the internet, but his utter and complete genius has failed him in this endeavor, because nobody is clever enough to locate such fiendishly hidden information.

(??/??/????) Ken "The Suck and Tuck" Penders has his own forum where people give him much helpful and necessary advice!

  • Apparently, someone got an internship from pointing out the flaws of Ken "Monkey Spunkey" Penders' characters. We can only hope that they too taste bitter defeat, like when Ken "Mr. Original" Penders laid the smack down onto [DENIAL].

(7/22/2013) Ken "Broken Innocence" Penders was in an interview: , they may or may not be ticked.

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