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Promotional artwork for Shattered Tomorrows.

The LARA-SU CHRONICLES: Shattered Tommorrows (Formerly New World Order) is the first of one of the eight books in the Pendering Saga. It was beleived that Althair, a character not owned by Penders, but was supposibly leased to him by his creator, Micheal Gallagher, would've been going to be imported to help give his series a popularity boost and make it tie into the Sonic franchise. However, Penders had lost the rights (I could see why) and so, in order to keep the ball rolling, he created a new replacement character Auri-On instead. Other than that, nothing is known about the book at this time except that it may or may not involve tomorrow being broken up in some fashion.


As the picture shows, the comic consists of a species of anthropomorphic fetishized demons. They are named Echid'Nyas which sounds like how my 7 year old cousin who can't read or write would try (and fail) to spell "Echidnas". Penders did this so as to not confuse all three of the (presumably horrified) young children who view his "art". The main character is Lara-Su the NOT daughter of a character who isn't knuckles and isnt an echidna. Due to her outfit, it is widely presumed that Penders (in between his rounds of medications that the nice men in white jackets shove down his throat every morning) wrote a story about sex slaves.