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Promotional artwork for Shattered Tomorrows.

The LARA-SU CHRONICLES: Shattered Tommorrows (Formerly New World Order) is the first of one of the eight books in the Pendering Saga. It was beleived that Althair, a character not owned by Penders, but was supposibly leased to him by his creator, Micheal Gallagher, would've been going to be imported to help give his series a popularity boost and make it tie into the Sonic franchise. However, Penders had lost the rights (I could see why) and so, in order to keep the ball rolling, he created a new replacement character Auri-On instead. Other than that, nothing is known about the book at this time except that it may or may not involve tomorrow being broken up in some fashion.

In this story, Knuckles is first seen out with a knife searching out for Mr. Penders in the middle of the Green Hill Desertian Zone desert with a turkey ass-cannon when he meets Slonic, a red, speedy hedgehog.

All of a sudden, they fight to the death with guns made out of Chaos Emeralds and Scourge fan-tears. Slonic knocks Knuckles over, and he then shits out 200,000 Chaos Emeralds. As a result of being pissed off at Mr. Penders, the negative energy built up in him turns him into Shigeru Miyamoto's ultra OC, Dark Mario Luigi Knuckles.

Dark Mario Luigi Knuckles then punches Slonic into the sky, and right as Knuckles transports in front of Slonic, Astro Boy and Mega Man both appear, and stab each other while missing Knuckles, and then they both explode, sending Knuckles and Slonic deep underground into level 2-2 from every Mario game ever.

Meanwhile, in a much better drawn dimension, Ian Flynn and Mighty the Armadillo were searching around Mobius for Matilda, Mighty's younger sister, when all of a sudden, Shadow the hedgehog stops in front of them on his edgy-cycle carrying Mr. Pender's dead kitty, and asks the two if they've seen Knuckles anywhere. Ian Flynn then takes out his pencil, a sheet of paper, a script, and then balds them all together to bring Matilda back.

Mighty is so overjoyed that it makes him angry,and they all become super-saiyans, and fly off into outer space.

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