This is the second book in the jaw-droppinh comic book series from psychological thriller genius Ken Christine Weston Ricardo Chandler Sonichu Apserchu Penders. Even though the actual comic in itself hasn't been published yet, I've been fortunate enough to bask in his storytelling genius.

Back in the hospital from the last comic, Knuckles realizes that the song he heard was Fly me to the Moon from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Turns out, Shinji WASN'T dead after all, as his body then levitate and tries to rape Knuckles. Once he has the poor echidna cornered, suddenly a huge hand bursts through the window. It's Asuka Shikanimi (yeah, the bitch from the rebuilds) in her badass school shooter costume. Because they were both red, she let's Knuckles onto her Eva and she supposedly knows of someone who can help him. 

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