Lara-Su is the main character of THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES. She is definetly not Jani-Ca, and is the next guardian of the island that is definitely not Angel Island. Her mother is Julie-Su and her father is definitely not Knuckles.

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  • Lara-Su

    Lara-Su's old design (RIP)

    No, that is not an unknown alien species trying to suck out her soul through her head, that is suppose to be her hair.
  • for some reason Ken Penders is really fascinated with the old 'Star Trek' and 'Superman' clothes style, which shows A LOT on his twitter and on his characters. It shows the most on Lara-su, Demitri, and that one black guy in the space suit (Totally not Anthony Mackie).
  • Lara-su has a pet named Sola. Apparently he is not an animal but a plant with a face (Like the plant from 'Little Shop of Horror"! Except it doesn't kill people... OR WILL IT!)
  • If you look in Lara-su's bio. in the FAMILY section she has her fathers name as her surname which is considered odd because K'nox isn't even his real name its is nickname, which he got for is fucked up hands (Totally not a knuckles trait).
  • In the HISTORY section of her bio she is described a super genius and has super visions of her planet blowing up or some shit like that.
  • Lara- su has the traits of a 'perfect woman' (10 out of 10 would smash).
Lara su profile

Her fact file from Kenny