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The fanfic bio of St. John

Geoffrey St. John was a charcter created by Ken Penders who was a mobius Skunk, but became one of the casualties during Ken Pender's lawsuit. He is supposed to appear in the prequel, THE STORM.

His attitude is a ripoff to the character, James Bond, which is one of Ken's interests along with Star Trek, and serves as a substitute (sorry, he meant inspiration) for everything he has done. His outfit is completely ripped off from Star Trek, but colored purple.

Geoffrey Saint John is revlead as an (Mephiticde?), making him an alien and not a skunk despite looking like and previously being a skunk.

Attitude (or a lack of a valid one) =Edit

In the data file, it was mentioned that "Not Sally" herself was meant to be one of his areas of conquest, even though she is of a younger age than him.

Trivia Edit

  • In SATAM, there was a skunk who was a background character who is almost similar to St. John., But Ken maketh the skunk first, gosh darn!

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