I have no words

Artemus, beside Not Knuckles.

Emissary Artemis(also speculated to be Not-Rotor Walrus- but not-Rotor) was a character that was going to appear in Ken Pender's self-promoted masterpiece, The Lara Su chronicles. He was referenced in one of Ken Pender's tweets, where he was debating out loud whether he should include the Emissary and Cobar's sexual orientation, in spite of nobody giving a hoot.

Nothing original here... and is also one of the not-so-many subtle references to his favourite series, Star Trek, which he rips off so much.


Ken Penders recently tweeted that he has suddenly changed the character into Artemis the Rhinoceros, breaking his tradition of weird fetish for alien names. Artemis is also a male (despite being named after the goddess of the hunt), and is male and in a relationship with Cobar, in keeping with the homosexual relationship concept.

He has been revealed to be an anthropomorphic rhinoceros. He wears some sort of space armour and has weird yellow circles and lines on his face and an overly detailed human mouth.