Echidnas (otherwise called Echyd’nya by Ken Penders) were a type of anthropomorphic characters... -sorry- aliens that are going to be ripped off in the Lara-Su Chronicles by Ken Penders.

Ironically, whilst he said that the TLSC were to be a continuation of the Archie Sonic Comics storyline, he contradicted it because the origins of the Echidnas on Mobius were different (like the Mobians; the result of genetic mutation from the gene bombs).

“Lara-Su is not an Echidna, nor an animal, but an alien..." "She is a member of the Echyd’nya species. There are two reasons why. 1.) I needed to make some adjustments to broaden the audience while making certain longtime fans get answers and resolution. 2.) There are plenty of real-world examples where English speaking people referred to places that natives referred to with a different name in their own tongue. Same thing here. I was especially motivated to make the change based on the difficulty I've seen people have pronouncing the word 'echidna'.”