Digivolve to MetalHoggleSnogmon!

Oh no, another Hogglesnog!

Well, he was here first (unless you want to count Alucion or Eric). Dr. Zachary was the first concept of an advanced evil hogglesnog. Introduced in Fleetway, Dr. Zachary decived guillible Knuckles (or whatever you can call him now) into serving him and turned out to be an evil rat-hogglesnog-bastard, and tried to drop the Floating Island. He fell, but came back as a cyborg. Later, he led the evil Syndicate to destroy the Special Zone. Penders may have not been aware of him, despite having read the comics back in the 90s, but he definitely wants him now.

He's been ripped off at least twice. All this over a white knuckles!

He is the first of three white hogglesnogs.